Marc Allen | Achieving Your Ideal Life

What’s your ideal life? In this inspiring podcast, Kelly chats with multimillionaire publisher, entrepreneur, and author Marc Allen about how you can achieve your ideal life by means of “big picture thinking”. Marc believes that few people ever take the time to do this, and those who do, achieve what they set out to do.

Marc provides the complete steps for this. You imagine what your life is like in your ideal scene in five to ten years from now, and then develop a list of goals which will make this scene a reality. Marc did this when he was 30, without a job, and succeeded in his goal of owning a thriving publishing company. Each goal is supported by an affirmation. A plan for achieving your goals will emerge, when you keep affirming “success with ease.”

Kelly suggests that visualizing your ideal scene, using affirmations and feeling is the law of attraction at work. Marc believes that this is so, saying that the Subconscious always agrees the Universe always says “Yes!” and this is why affirmations work so well.

This podcast will give you the information you need to make that ideal scene a reality, so you can create the life you really want the life you were born to have.

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