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Attract Wealth While You Work

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  • Attract Wealth While You Work
  • Attract Wealth While You Work

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Attract Wealth While You Work

  • Attract Wealth and Prosperity
  • Build a Healthy Relationship to Money
  • Strengthen Self-Worth

Prosperity and abundance arise from states of inner well-being that can be cultivated through reprogramming your subconscious mind. Money and material wealth are actually reflections of our own inner prosperity and mindset. If you believe making and keeping money is a difficult process, it most likely will be. However, building an unstoppable Wealth Mindset is not as difficult as it might seem.

With subliminal messaging to attract wealth, your mind relaxes into heightened states of receptivity where messages of abundant prosperity are effortlessly absorbed. As the messages are received and retained by your subconscious mind, you'll radiate an energy field that attracts money and wealth to you. Your new beliefs about wealth will begin attracting ideas, people, and happy coincidences that support you by making prosperity a living, breathing reality in your life.

Hidden beneath the soothing soundscape of a quiet forest creek, or a rainy bamboo garden, Gamma binaural beats in the 40hz range focus your mind and give you an extra jolt of energy throughout your day. Listen to this program while you work, drive, at the gym, around the house, or anywhere your life may take you.

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Subliminal Affirmations on this Program:

  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • I always have enough money.
  • Money and I are good friends. I love money and money loves me.
  • Money comes easily to me.
  • My income supports my needs and desires.
  • I attract money and money is attracted to me.
  • I attract wealth and prosperity all day everyday.
  • Money is good. Money is energy. Money makes me happy. Making money is good fun.
  • I am paid well. I am rich. I am prosperous. I am successful.
  • Money is everywhere, always, all the time.
  • It’s easy to be rich, happy and successful.
  • I am rich. I am wealthy. I am happy.
  • The more I enjoy life, the more money I make.
  • The more money I make, the more I enjoy life.
  • I’m good with money. And money is good to me.
  • I deserve happiness, ease and abundance. I deserve prosperity.
  • The universe showers me with abundance.
  • I am worthy of making all the money I can imagine.
  • Money effortlessly flows to me.
  • I am rich. I am prosperous. I attract wealth with ease.
  • Prosperity flows freely and generously in my life.

Track 1: Instructions
Track 2: Natural Soundscape + Gamma Binaural Beats + Subliminal Messages (Use headphones!)
Track 3: Natural Soundscape + Subliminal Messages (Listen Anytime.)
Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes

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Attract Wealth While You Work - MP3
Attract Wealth While You Work

More Views

  • Attract Wealth While You Work
  • Attract Wealth While You Work

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Brain Sync Subliminal messaging programs feature dual technologies that reach deep into your subconscious to help you achieve goals. Brainwave subliminal programs layer subliminal messages with binaural beat frequencies for deeper more effective subconscious re-programming. In short, they help you achieve goals with greater ease and efficiency.


Subliminal (audio) messages are recorded just below normal levels of hearing. These messages enter the mind stealthily, bypassing conscious resistance. Because your conscious mind is not aware of the subliminal messages, it cannot dispute, judge, or block them. Your mind relaxes into heightened receptivity, allowing positive messages to flow into your subconscious mind without the disruption of limiting beliefs. With repeated listening, your subconscious will accept the subliminal directives as true, and your behavior will reflect your new, positive belief system. Your retrained mind will attract and manifest in alignment with the messages received.

With repeated daily listening, you will relax deeply and sleep soundly while experiencing subtle shifts in perception that will draw you towards your wellness goals. Your conscious mind will hear only music, but there is much, much more happening “behind the scenes” of these programs. 


Alternate your listening experience between tracks one and two.

Each program consists of two audio tracks. Track One features subliminal messages hidden beneath the sound of soothing music, and can be enjoyed anytime. The second track includes the same subliminal message and music, but with the added benefit of binaural beats.

Track One can be listened to anywhere, anytime and often! You can listen while you work, play, exercise or drive. Even though you can’t consciously “hear” the subliminal messages, they are received by your subconscious where they run in the background of your mind to bring about desired change. Headphones are not required for Track One.

Track Two combines binaural beat frequencies along with the subliminal messages. Listen to this track with headphones while relaxing, meditating or even sleeping. It induces a deep trance state where you become more open and receptive to change. Listen to Track Two once a day. This track is most efficient when wearing headphones, sleep-phones or earbuds.


Within a few days you’ll notice that you’re thinking different thoughts and feeling more positive about attaining your goals. This can be subtle or quite noticeable. Everyone is different. Be on the lookout for “lucky coincidences” and synchronicities as they begin to appear.

You might feel that you are in a flow state, where life circumstances seem to conspire with you rather than against you. Old habits and behaviors change as you discover that there’s a new mindset driving your actions in alignment with your goal. For example, if you’re listening to Weight Loss Subliminal, you’ll notice that you eat less, have more energy and exercise more. It’s not that you are forcing yourself or using will power, but rather new attitudes and actions arise naturally because your subconscious is responding to the messages it receives. 


When you order from Brain Sync you’ll receive a PDF download with all the subliminal messages contained on the program you ordered. And on the top of each subliminal product page you’ll see a tab that says “subliminal messages.” There you can read all the subliminal messages recorded on the audio. Always make sure that you purchase your subliminal audio programs from a reputable company. If they don’t share the actual messages with you, look elsewhere. 


Yes! With the Brainwave Subliminal audio programs, you have the most effective tool to imprint positive ideas that easily improve the quality of your life.

Scientists have long been interested in the effectiveness of subliminal messaging. The first known controlled experiment was conducted over 60 years ago. There are hundreds of papers, studies, and journals dedicated to the understanding of the brain’s comprehension of and susceptibility to subliminal messages.

In a study published in Current Biology, University College London researchers found that experiment subjects’ brains responded to objects even though they were not conscious of having seen them. This discovery indicates that our brain is recognizing and absorbing subliminal messages that we are not even aware of and that, even though we can’t consciously see or hear the messages, they are indeed making their way into our mind.

Another study affirmed those findings. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a study by Gettysburg College and SUNY-Buffalo researchers who found that “Subjects’ attitudes toward subliminally presented stimuli became significantly more positive with repeated exposures, even when subjects were unaware that exposures had occurred.” 

Subliminal messaging can have a positive effect on self-esteem and self-perceptions. In a more recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, scientists found that positive subliminal messages enhanced participants’ attitude of the self.