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About Altered States

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Are the subliminal messages getting stripped away when converted to MP3?

The subliminal messages are not actually outside of your hearing range. They are embedded within the music. In other words, when recordings are mixed and the subliminal track is isolated without the music it is actually fully audible until the music is overlayed. Although you cannot consciously hear the suggestions, your subconscious is receiving the programming.

How do I know what messages I am recieving?

All the subliminal messages are listed on the product page of the title you have chosen.  They are repeated throughout the program. There are no other messages included in the program other than what is listed ---that is Kelly Howell's promise to you.

What is a Brainwave Subliminal and what does it offer?

Brainwave subliminals combine two powerful technologies -- -Subliminal Messages and Brainwave Therapy.

Subliminal messages are recorded just below normal levels of hearing to bypass conscious resitance. Even though you can't hear the subliminal messages they are there and are received by the subconscious mind to influence thoughts, beliefs and actions.

With most all subliminal programs, there are two tracks:

  • Track One contains subliminal messages with a piano overlay. This format can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere without headphones.
  • Track Two contains subliminal messages with brain wave frequencies. This format is best experienced with headphones. Enjoy this format at a time when you will not be disturbed and are NOT operating a vehicle.

Although some subliminal programs may contain the same music tracks, each program still has its own unique combination of brainwave frequencies and subliminal messages specific to the title.

Do I need headphones for the Brainwave Subliminals?

You'll receive the benefits of the subliminal messages with or without headphones. When you use headphones with Track 2, you'll get the added benefit of relaxation and becoming more receptive.

How much should I listen per day?

Listen to Track One anytime, anywhere as much as you like. Track two is designed to be listened to with headphones at time and place when you will not be disturbed. Track two has brainwave frequencies to induce relaxed and altered states of consciousness. Never listen to Track two of the subliminals while driving. And, as with all Brainwave Therapy programs, limit your listening time  to 60 minutes per day.

When can I expect to see results?

As is true for all of our products, personal experiences vary. Many people experience results after the first listening. Since our subliminal audio programs do have a cumulative effect, we recommend you listen daily for the first 6 weeks, then as needed to achieve the results you desire. Experiment with the programs you selected to find what works best for you.

Can I use Brainwave Subliminals while working or driving?

Yes, but do not use headphones while driving.

Do your subliminal audio programs have spoken words?

Yes, Subliminal messages are embedded in the music, just below a fully audible level. You might hear, slight whispers underneath the music, if your hearing is good.  For most people all that you'll be aware of hearing is the music. After listening for a few days you'll feel and notice positive changes occuring.